Goodbye Marinexplore. Hello Earth Data.

Goodbye Marinexplore

Planet OS has officially shut down Marinexplore, taken the website offline, and deleted all accounts and personal information.​

However we continue to provide free access to Earth data via the Planet OS API. I invite you to sign up for a free Planet OS account and give it a try.

During the last four years Marinexplore delivered billions of Earth observation data points to thousands of scientists, ocean professionals, and open data enthusiasts. We worked with 35 international organizations to improve the accessibility of their data products and even helped save the whales along the way.

While we’re proud of where we’ve been, I’m truly excited for where we’re going. Planet OS remains committed to our long-term vision of ubiquitous access to geospatial data and is pursuing three parallel efforts to achieve it.

First, we established the Planet OS data catalog. This catalog already contains a number of ocean forecast models such as WaveWatch III and HYCOM and will be regularly updated with new datasets, including those previously available on Marinexplore.

Second, we are collaborating with data publishers to list and ultimately deliver their data products via Planet OS. If you create novel, high-quality weather and climate datasets and are interested in automating sales and reaching new markets via our unique distribution channel, let’s talk. Listing your data is free. To get started, send an email to with a brief summary of your datasets.

Third, we will create a variety of tools and services to accompany our growing data catalog. As of today, all datasets in the catalog can be accessed via our API. Our online documentation provides an overview of the query parameters and response formatting, and we’ve published Jupyter notebooks on GitHub with various API use cases.

If you’d like to stay in touch, recommend a dataset, or give feedback on features, please join the Planet OS Slack community.

Sign up for a free Planet OS account to continue the journey with us.

Chris Kalima
Director of Product Development