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Planet OS Releases OpenNEX Climate Data Access Tool

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Sept 1, 2016
Palo Alto, California

Planet OS, the world’s leading provider of online geospatial and Earth science data access, today announced the OpenNEX Climate Data Access Tool, which provides an intuitive, web-based interface to important climate datasets provided by NASA Earth Exchange (NEX). The tool requires no programming knowledge, and was developed with the intent to make large-scale climate data accessible by all potential users beyond researchers – risk modelers, software engineers, analysts, city planners, data scientists, and many others.

Due to their immense size, archive structure and file format, incorporating downscaled climate projection data into local or regional analyses can require significant technical effort. The OpenNEX Climate Data Access Tool removes these technical barriers by providing an intuitive web-based interface where users can select and access specific subsets of climate data.

Planet OS Announces Powerboard to Improve Wind Farm Performance


Planet OS, the world’s leading provider of online geospatial environmental data, today announced Powerboard, a data intelligence solution that helps wind farm operators and renewable energy service providers to boost power output by up to 30%. Powerboard provides wind farm operators with a rich, easy-to-use data visualization experience that allows them to significantly streamline daily operations and maintenance, leading to increased profitability and safety.

The solution combines real-time operational and industrial data with a growing programmatic catalog of open and commercial data from external data providers into a single cloud-based solution. The result is a visually rich, interactive analysis tool that permits detailed optimization of a wind farm that replaces rooms full of distracting monitors that are not integrated at a software level. Furthermore, Powerboard allows stakeholders from operators, technicians to managers regardless of location to collaborate in planning and operating a wind farm to great effect.

German energy giant RWE has joined forces with Planet OS as the launch partner for Powerboard. RWE International SE, one of the world’s large offshore wind farm operators, plans to use Powerboard on a number of wind farms in their portfolio. “Powerboard provides us with the potential for optimizing operations and increasing renewable energy production from our wind farms,” said Peter Terium, the CEO at RWE Group. “We are currently using Powerboard at Gwynt y Môr, our largest offshore wind farm, to help increase our power output and improve operational efficiency. As we deploy Powerboard to other renewable energy sites, we hope to further improve our competitive position.”


Powerboard is built on the cloud-based Planet OS data infrastructure, which can process all major geospatial and Earth Observation data types and formats, in addition to supporting conventional industrial sensor data.  Planet OS is also on a mission to deliver relevant external data by syndicating the world’s largest programmatic database of geospatial environmental data so clients can access a growing catalog of over 800 parameters via one consistent API. The company is a member of the NOAA Big Data Project and the White House Open Data Roundtable to make open data more accessible for everyone.

“Uniting the right tools and relevant content together significantly reduces the effort needed by renewable energy companies to compete with coal, and natural gas” said Rainer Sternfeld, the CEO at Planet OS. “Customers like RWE can leverage Powerboard to have a truly distributed, responsive and aggregated view of all operations on a single screen. Using our products allows renewable energy providers to see deep patterns and monitor performance in a way that allows them to better optimize operations, schedule maintenance and feed timely data to energy traders to perform without delay.”

Planet OS Powerboard is available now to customers around the world, starting with a proof-of-concept and value analysis to validate the implementation for both parties before engaging in a multi-year contractual relationship based on benefits gain-share. Learn more about Planet OS Powerboard, and/or contact to schedule a demo.

An API for the World’s Weather & Climate Data

One API. A World of Data.

Planet OS is excited to announce the launch of our first API designed specifically for geospatial and Earth observation data. The Planet OS API provides developers, researchers, and climate specialists with a new tool for working with Earth data from the world’s most respected providers. Using the Planet OS API, it is now possible to build scalable applications and data-driven solutions without developing custom interfaces for each individual dataset.

Weather and climate data is traditionally difficult to work with at scale. Data are typically buried in undocumented repositories that are hard to navigate, published in obscure scientific formats, and are often so large that downloading them can take hours. The Planet OS API allows users to access only the data they actually need, without having to download the entire dataset.

Global Forecast System (GFS)

Starting today API users can freely access three global forecast modelsNOAA WaveWatch III, NCEP Global Forecast System (GFS), and HYCOM Global Ocean Forecast. Through a mixture of automated discovery, user recommendation, and manual curation, we will continuously expand and update our catalog of available datasets. This includes not only open datasets, but commercial data as well. Planet OS is currently working with a select group of data vendors, including CustomWeather, The Climate Source, TCarta Marine, Weather Decision Technologies, and Freese-Notis Weather to bring their products to our platform.

RWE and Planet OS Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement to Introduce Big Data Infrastructure for Geospatial IoT at the German Power Company

Planet OS and RWE Partnership

RWE and Planet OS first joint project – RWE’s Gwynt Y Mor wind farm in Wales.

RWE (Nasdaq: RWEOY) and Planet OS signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement to build big data infrastructure for geospatial IoT on February 4th in Berkeley, California. The partnership’s first joint project is a next generation dashboard for RWE’s Gwynt Y Mor wind farm in Wales.

“As energy production is becoming increasingly decentralized and more of it will come from renewable sources, we need to start paying close attention to unpredictable weather patterns and other external risk factors the world is facing today,” said Mr. Peter Terium, Chief Executive of RWE Group during a visit to its Californian daughter company.

“Working with data technology developed by Planet OS can help us to monitor and analyze geospatial sensor data in one system, improving operational efficiency, safety and production output. This is an important step for RWE on its way to become one of the leading data-driven and technology-driven utilities in Europe,” continued Terium.

Planet OS to present Sustainable Development Goal solution at the UN Solutions Summit


Our long-term vision at Planet OS is to index the real world. We believe indexing all of the world’s earth and environmental data will drive sustainable decisions in Earth observation, agriculture and marine ecosystems, energy production and consumption, logistics and transportation, manufacturing and communications. For the past year we have been building a revolutionary search engine that indexes large-scale earth observation data drawn from increasing amounts of smart instrumentation deployed in the atmosphere, oceans, seas, on land, and in space. This new platform will bring vast new amounts of information to the fingertips of the world’s governments, private enterprises, researchers, students, and anyone else searching for data.

Today we are honored to announce that we have been chosen to present this work at the United Nations Solutions Summit this Sunday, September 27th at the UN Headquarters in New York City. Applications were received from over 100 countries and we are humbled to be chosen among a truly impressive cohort of solutions.

Planet OS and TCarta Marine Deliver On-Demand Shoreline and Bathymetry Data

TCarta Data Marketplace

Planet OS and TCarta Marine are excited to announce the launch of the TCarta Data Marketplace, an online storefront that provides on-demand access to TCarta’s bathymetry and shoreline data products.

“We are excited for the launch of the Data Marketplace and believe it will be a great tool for our customers to search, preview, and order bathymetry data in an efficient and easy to use manner.” Says Kyle Goodrich, President TCarta Marine LLC.

Planet OS Hires Big Data Expert Tom Faulhaber as Chief Technology Officer

Tom Faulhaber

Planet OS is pleased to announce it has hired Tom Faulhaber as its Chief Technology Officer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tom is a software industry veteran who brings over 30 years of experience in leading and consulting product development teams.

He has previously worked on industry-leading data products in such diverse areas as massive geospatial-temporal big data at SpaceCurve, scientific visualization at AVS (the Application Visualization System), video intelligence at 3VR, e-Commerce at Staples and cloud-based business intelligence at Certive (now Cloud9 Analytics).

Planet OS Joins Amazon Web Services in Data Discovery for NOAA’s Big Data Project

Unleashing the power of NOAA’s data for economic growth and understanding the Earth

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA, April 21, 2015 – Planet OS is honored to join Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a member of their Data Alliance within NOAA’s Big Data Project announced today. The company will work together with The Weather Company and ESRI under the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) to research and test solutions for bringing NOAA’s vast information to the cloud where both the public and industry can easily and equally access, explore, and create new products from it, thus fostering new ideas and spurring economic growth.

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Marinexplore Becomes Planet OS


Marinexplore Becomes Planet OS to Map and Analyze Planetary Big Data

Marinexplore, the world’s first big data platform for ocean data extends its platform to include land data and becomes Planet OS. Industries and governments processing vast amounts of data drawn from connected sensors on land and sea can now use a single platform to transform their data into real-time insights.

Oil and gas software executive Mike Odell joins Marinexplore as VP of Sales

Mike Odell


Mike Odell, a top sales executive with 30 years of experience in the oil and gas software industry, has joined Marinexplore as VP of Sales. Mike joins us from Paradigm Geophysical, where he served as Managing Partner, Global Accounts. Prior to Paradigm, Mike held key positions at Halliburton, MDA GeoSpatial Solutions, MetaCarta, and Elumens, making him a natural fit here at Marinexplore.

His experience with specialized software in data management, geophysics, satellite imagery and graphics will help us advance our enterprise offering that our customers use to transform their wide variety of planetary data into actionable assets.

During his first day with the team Mike shared, “The oil and gas industry handles and processes enormous amounts of data. What Marinexplore has created in a short two years is an incredible platform for automating data transformation and management. With universal accessibility and on-demand visualization, it can take customers’ analytics to an entirely new level of performance and decision-making.”

Mike will be based in Houston, Texas, and will work closely with our teams in the U.S. and Estonia. You can reach him at